Pre-meeting Email Template w/ Digital Sales Room

Use this template to send before meeting with your prospect to educate and engage. 

Tips and suggestions:

  • Send 4-5 hours prior to your scheduled meeting
  • Digital Sales Room links have a 75%+ click rate when sent before the meeting
  • Don't [over] explain the digital sales room
  • Hyperlinks to the digital sales room work best
  • Copy this template to your email engagement solution with personalization tokens for minimal edits (Outreach, SalesLoft, Hubspot, etc) 
Hey {First Name}​,
We're eager to connect with you later today to learn more about the {Buyer Problem/Challenges You Solve} challenges you're currently facing. We're also excited to share how {Your Company} has been helping organizations like yours {Value Proposition}


To provide some context heading into our meeting, I created a {room - copy and past link} with some informational materials for you to review. It's about a 4-minute commitment. 


If there is anything top of mind that you would like to discuss and have us prepare, please let me know. Looking forward to meeting you and talking to you today at {enter time of today's meeting}.


{Sales Rep Signature}