Post-meeting Email Template w/ Digital Sales Room

Use this template to send as a recap with your prospect to stand out, engage and enable your buyer. 

Tips and suggestions:

  • Send as soon as possible following your meeting, preferably same day or first thing in the morning after the meeting
  • Don't [over] explain the digital sales room
  • If demo'ing software, include the product demo as an asset in the sales room 
  • Hyperlinks to the digital sales room work best
  • Copy this template to your email engagement solution with personalization tokens for minimal edits (Outreach, SalesLoft, Hubspot, etc) 
Hey {First Name}​,
Great meeting with you today and thanks for sharing a bit about {Contact Company Name} and the current state of affairs as it relates to {Buyer Persona Challenges}.

We covered the following items today:

{1. Recapped Value Proposition #1
 2. Recapped Value Proposition #2
 3. Recapped Value Proposition #3}

As you socialize {Your Company}, here is a personalized {sales room} for you and the team.

As for the next steps, we discussed {enter agreed-upon next steps}.

{Sales Rep Signature}