On-Demand Webinar: Navigating the New Reality of Remote Selling in EdTech

During the pandemic, there was increased demand for education technology (EdTech) to support teachers, students and parents. While schools have returned to in-person learning, how EdTech companies sell to schools and districts has significantly changed for good.

Moderated by Adam Pearson, Co-founder of Enable Us, our panel of EdTech experts from SchoolMint, Glimpse K12, and Actionaly evaluated the lessons learned and best practices to accelerate sales and close more deals. 

Topics discussed included:

  • How to set up a repeatable sales process for your sales team
  • What are the best practices for personalizing the buying experience for multiple stakeholders
  • How to leverage behavioral data on sellers and buyers to accelerate your sales cycle

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Our panel of speakers

Adam Pearson Enable Us

Adam Pearson, Co-founder of Enable Us

Gauthier Philippart Cofounder and CEO Actionaly

Gauthier Philippart, Founder and CEO, Actionaly

Nicole Pezent CEO and Co-founder of Glimpse K12

Nicole Pezent, Co-founder and CEO, Glimpse K12

Matt Coats SchoolMint

Matt Coats, Director of Enterprise Partnerships, SchoolMint