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Every day, Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) are presented with new tools to consider by sales. Each holds promise to deliver ROI in terms of sales productivity, deal acceleration and revenue growth. CROs must weigh the benefits of any new sales technology based on potential business impact, adoption, and ROI. 

David Troll, EVP and CRO of TechSee, was initially cautious when Megan Saucier, Director of Sales, North America, TechSee, and Michael Walker, Global Engagement Consultant, approached him about digital sales room and mutual action plan technology. 

Moderated by Cece Lee, CMO of Enable Us, this webinar walked through the process for winning David’s buy-in and benefits of implementing DSR and MAPs into their sales organization.

Topics discussed:

  • From skeptical to yes: how to win executive buy-in
  • How to support internal champions to make the case with budget holders
  • How to balance soft vs concrete benefits for internal and external audiences

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Our panel of speakers


Moderator: Cece Lee, CMO, Enable Us

Cece is a seasoned marketing professional experienced in translating innovative technology into cohesive and successful marketing campaigns. At Enable Us, she is responsible for overseeing the global go-to-market messaging, positioning, and marketing strategy for the company’s award-winning seller and buyer enablement platform. Cece holds a degree from University of California, Davis. 


David Troll, EVP and CRO,  TechSee

David has 20+ years of experience leading enterprise growth and change initiatives, both as a consultant and operating executive. He was previously the VP for DISH Network’s OnTech division, which services Google-Nest, Amazon-Ring, and Samsung. Before OnTech, David was SVP for Glympse, and an executive at field service leader TOA Technologies. David holds a BA from Lehigh University.


Megan Saucier, Sales Director, North America TechSee

Megan has worked in the customer experience industry for 20+ years, gaining expertise in cultivating and growing strategic partnerships with clients and partners. As a seasoned sales leader, she is passionate about applying technology to improve the service experience. Outside the office, she is a mom, vintage creator, and travel enthusiast. Megan holds degrees from California State University - Chico.

Michael Walker

Michael Walker, Global Engagement Consultant

Work with Michael long enough and eventually you will hear him say something like, “Let’s zoom out, find the patterns and crack the code.” Problem solving in bunches, is how he describes his work; always immediately followed up with, “and I love it!” Michael worked as TechSee's Global Engagement and is currently an Enterprise Sales Coach with Dynatrace.